Green Smoothie Girl Apple Pie Smoothie

After a fantastic Green Smoothie Girl Smoothie demo (mygsglife.com/mamafit) and story hour at our local farmers market, I thought you’d all enjoy the recipe we made. Today was our harvest festival at the farmers market, and what better way to celebrate harvest than with apples! In honor of harvest, I created an apple pie smoothie! […]


8 Delicious Smoothies for Summer!

So I must be on a smoothie kick lately as the summer temps keep rising! This post has 8 delicious looking recipes! You can always add spinach or kale to any smoothie to increase your daily veggie intake!   http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/recipes/drink/smoothie/weight-loss-smoothies/


Summertime Smoothie Recipe

What I love about summer is the slower pace, no schedule most of the time, lounging in our pjs until late, watching my kids grow like a sunflower (they really do grow in the summer…with some extra sun and water!), and all the cooling popsicles and smoothies we make…sometimes as a meal! As it is […]

Top 5 At Home Fitness Equipment For A Quick Total Body Workout!

You’re busy. Too busy to go to the gym, too busy to take a class, too busy to workout….or so you think! These 5 fitness equipment pieces are inexpensive and will help you stay healthy and fit in the comfort of your own home (the workout shouldn’t be too comfy though.. 1. Exercise Band with […]

Shortcut Eggplant Parm2

100 Days of Real Food Cookbook Review

    Lisa Leake is a wealth of real food knowledge! Her blog 100daysofrealfood.com was started in 2010 as a challenge to her family and other families  that wanted to cut out the unhealthy, processed foods and replace them with healthy, whole foods. She and her family created a 100 Days of Real Food pledge which you can find on her […]

Quinoa Fritters Recipe- My Kid Approved!

This quinoa fritter recipe was a success in our home! I was completely excited to get quinoa and vegetables into my family’s cute little (although sometimes BIG) mouths. Great with fresh quinoa or leftover quinoa. Ingredients 2 tbsp coconut oil 1 cup quinoa- cooked 3 eggs Handful of baby carrots or 2 medium carrots Handful […]

Kale- Avocado Wrap with Dijon Dressing Recipe

Mindbodygreen.com is one of my favorite sites for interesting articles and recipes. You will see them posted often on mamafit.com. This looks too good to not pass along. With school approaching, we need easy ideas for kids lunches and for US! Goldfish crackers and the crust of a pb&j doesn’t cut it, ladies  Feed your […]

Broccoli Soup Even Kids Love!

I buy a bulk bag of broccoli at Costco and usually scramble to use it all before it goes bad. Insert Broccoli Soup recipe! This soup takes half the bag of broccoli and fills my family with veggies and healthy yumminess!   Ingredients 8 cups chopped broccoli 7-8 cups broth (depends on the consistency you […]


Almond and Flaxseed Bar Recipe- Suitable for Dessert!

These are one of my favorite “decadent” desserts. They taste like a peanut butter cookie (or nut butter of your choice!) but with little guilt. In fact, dare I say they are healthy?? You can even top them with melted chocolate for a tasty twist. Note: you can exchange any of the nuts/nut butter ingredients […]